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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a technique that helps people change unhelpful thoughts and behaviors that contribute to emotional distress or problematic situations. Think of CBT like a toolbox that provides you with practical strategies to improve your mental well-being.

Imagine your mind is like a garden. Think of your thoughts as the seeds you plant, and your emotions and behaviors are the flowers that grow from those seeds. Sometimes, you might unknowingly plant "weed seeds" (negative thoughts) that lead to "weeds" (unhelpful emotions and behaviors) in your garden. CBT helps you identify these weed seeds and replace them with healthier seeds to cultivate a more beautiful and harmonious garden.

During CBT sessions, you'll work with a therapist to locate and challenge negative thought patterns that might be contributing to your emotional distress or problematic behaviors. The therapist will guide you through various exercises and teach you techniques to change these thought patterns and develop more adaptive coping strategies. This might include setting goals, practicing problem-solving, and learning relaxation techniques.

Over time, CBT helps you develop a more balanced and realistic perspective, allowing you to better manage your emotions and handle challenging situations with greater ease and confidence.

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